Jul. 8th, 2010

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I am so very tired of surprise!pork. (As an aside, I was reading an article about Roman food last night which had the following: "Pork, which is from pigs, was popular."). I have learned to be very very careful when shopping for meat, especially anything that's not immediately identifiable (this has a wing: not pig).

I don't eat pork, btw. Just so you know.

So, mom tried to get some sausages for me that were turkey or beef only. "All Beef" means NOTHING. They LIE. More often than not, the ingredients list says beef and pork. How this is "all beef" I don't know. This is a cow. This is a pig. This cow MAY contain pig? No.

So, I read the ingredients carefully. We had sausages for lunch. My stomach immediately went BLARGLE! And made me miserable. And guess what? Those sausages were basically "bird stuffed in pig" even though the ingredients listed no where said pigs were involved.

So, not to put too fine a point on it, but my tummy dealt with it.

I hate you, surprise!pork. Also just ew! >_< *flails* It's been a bad food day for me so far. I had a too-heavy breakfast. Roman breakfast doesn't sound bad at all. I love me some cream of wheat with cinnamon and sugar, that's not terribly different from puls. I'm running low on it, though. Need more farina.



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