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I showed this to my mom- it's the 10th Doctor regenerating into the 11th Doctor. I set it up for her and all she really said was 'poor man!', hoped that David Tennant was not going to be set on fire for real, and then said it was 'weird' and promptly forgot about the whole thing.

It was awkward. This is... a really big deal... in... England. *cough* ...>_>

I'm considering drafting another story called 'Disco of the Daleks' but I can't decide which Doctor would be best. *thinky pose*

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1. Courtesy of my Victorian lit prof friends:

2. I have just read a fic in which the 7th Doctor almost marries Charlotte Bronte. I might actually watch some of his era now, just for this reason. I just love the idea of those two crazy kids in Brussels. Oh, Professor! (Benny breaks it off by saying she's his mad wife...)

Doing some stretches has helped a bit with the tightness and pain around my stress triangle. Laughing at all this is theraputic too. If only I could get some quiet, I'd be all set...

3. 6th Doctor icon is random (and new), and used here because it makes me smile.

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Maine coon!

I've set aside the ancient Greek novels for the moment. I can't find my place in The Ethiopian Tale. >_> So, instead I took a peek at Peter Abelard's Letter of Consolation to a Friend, which is about his life. He's pretty hilarious. He reminds me of many undergrads: the professor hates me because I'm better and smarter! And this one time, this one time I got the professor to say I was right! He was SO MAD LOL! That's all he's said so far, really. The best part was how he says he moved his school so that he could 'embarrass' his old prof some more, then goes back to 'why he hates me so? I didn't do anything!'

From Wikipedia:

"Héloïse became pregnant and was sent by Abélard to Brittany, where she gave birth to a son she named Astrolabe after the scientific instrument."


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Third register band from the top: Time Lords. Geometric period, Greece.

The Master holding T-C-E while having discussion with unidentified bearded man. Ancient Persia.

6th Doctor cameo misidentified as portrait of Alexander the Great. Hellenistic Era.

/Doctor Who silliness

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Just stopping in quickly before toiling in the kitchen dungeons. I expect to have a rough draft for a Doctor Who story finished by tonight. I need some beta readers, so if anyone would be interested in looking over a quite silly story with the 10th Doctor, please leave a comment. It will be around 1 000 words, if everything ties up neatly. I may not have a typed copy until tomorrow, but I'd still like to know if (and how many) people can take a look at it before it is posted.

It's called 'Last of the Time Lords' and it's a send up of many 10th Doctor tropes, but mostly being "The Last," following it to its natural conclusion (that someone would eventually set up a charity for the Doctor).

Iris Wildthyme is also in it.

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Title: ‘All His Beliefs’
Author: [ profile] philosophercat
Prompt:: After Tegan magically appears in 'A Fix with Sontarans', more and more past/future companions start to show up, despite the Doctor's best efforts to stop them. Whether it's crack like the original or serious is up to you.
Character/s: The Doctor (Sixth), Tegan Jovanka, various companions.
Rating: G.
Warning/s: None.
Recipient: Written for [ profile] aralias.
Word count: 634 words.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Author's notes: Written for Sixathon 2009. Pinch hit. This story wandered a little from the original prompt. The quote is adapted from a passage taken from Goth Opera by Paul Cornell. Special thanks to [ profile] metalkatt for the beta.

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Tegan's face! hahahahahaha!

And Turlough seems to have a tuft of hair and then a fleshy cone of some type forming the top of his head. Very odd! The rest is here:

I love lego. And this is quite nicely timed as well. In the latest BF magazine, there's a twitter post about how lovely lego is, especially the 'kish' sound it makes when you put your hands into a bucket of lego. Had I the time, I'd make things like this for my students. Oh yes, I would...

If I had students. ... ... I will never teach Classics again! *weep*

I really need to finish this fic. But the prompt was so uninspiring, and now I just don't know how to end it properly. Feh.

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Title: ‘The Queen Must Die’
Author: [ profile] philosophercat
Prompt: Six with Tegan, no romance, adventure. They both have strong personalities; some headbutting and lots of banter.
Character/s: The Doctor (Sixth), Tegan Jovanka.
Rating: G.
Warning/s: A significant source of dietary crack.
Recipient: Written for [ profile] metalkatt.
Word count: 2185 words.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Author's notes: Written for 2009 Summer of Six Sixathon. This is a pinch hit, written rather quickly so I expect that there will be substantial revisions once the following chapters are complete. I also borrowed part of prompt #3 which was: understanding that values are not the same across all cultures. The truly crack elements will appear in the following chapters.

Summary: The TARDIS decides that her pilot has something to learn. She takes the 6th Doctor and Tegan to a planet unfamiliar to both where they find themselves embroiled in an intrigue.

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It isn't just me. There's an owl's face on his pants. ~Spooky~.

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My tribute to Monsieur Thomas "Delacroix was a reptilian plagiarist monkey" Couteur:

I gave her a bit of a bride of Frankenstien hair just for Halloween. :P

That's as far as I got with my first verdaccio study in acrylic. I painted it on watercolour paper. It still has a way to go, especially the lighter tones, but I got tired and started to feel sick so I called it a day. Possibly it was the way I was sitting on the floor. Mom says I was only working on it 'for a few minutes.'

I can definitely can see this technique being useful with oils. The white kept disappearing into the verdaccio. Maybe once it has cured it will be easier to get the lighter tones. With oils, I would mix a midtone verdaccio and then pull white or black into it as needed, I think. The verdaccio was carbon black, titanium white, and yellow ochre. It's supposed to make a green that looks a bit like the subject is lit my moonlight.

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Romantic painter or reptilian plagiarist monkey?

Also "Chaos-Man."

I'm not even sure what this is: 'oh, don't come near me! he says, I vegetate in my moist solitude, if any approach me, I make them die!'

Is... that supposed to be Delacroix? I'm so confused. But I will never be able to shake the impression that he's actually a lizard monkey agent of chaos.

All courtesy of Thomas Couteur and his rage against Eugene Delacroix and Romanticism in general- but mostly Delacroix. Admit it, you can hear the "sighs of the damned" in that self-portrait, ~see~ him lurking in his poisoned pond, the shadows of his soul rising from his body like plague-laden vapors!

Or it's just that the burnt umber underpainting is showing through.


ETA: It keeps getting better:

"It is then he begins his dark productions. .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

These dots represent the time I pause in silence."
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I'm reading a French text on painting, and it is very amusing. It was written by a painter who was the teacher of many of the famous artists around the beginning of the Impressionist movement and includes Manet- who I apparently paint like, according to *my* old teacher.

This book is crack. The guy apologises for not knowing how to write, so he'll just toss in some anecdotes. I wonder if this was how his lessons went too. He gives the usual advice about learning to draw and paint, then adds reading Homer, Vergil, Shakespeare, Moliere etc. to "ornament your soul" while you're at it.

The anecdotes so far include The Giving Fine Wine to a Peasant story, and the Lazing in a Field with a Cow story. The wine story goes like this:

Artist: Have some wine!
Peasant: *drinks*
Artist: ...Uh, how do you like it?
Peasant: Not bad. A little flat.
Artist: WHUT?! *gives him some more over 15 days*

Artist: Here, drink this.
Peasant: My god, what is this stuff?!
Artist: Heheheheh! It is your wine that you love so much!
Peasant: !!

Now I'm reading about what Shakespeare does... or... something? I dunno.

"Take for instance a narrow soul. He sees a poor orphan, deformed and gross- and laughs! Shakespeare looks at him and sees a soul in the huge sad eyes."

...This is a book on *painting*, okay? In case you want to see for yourself (and can read French), it's called 'Méthode et entretiens d'Atelier' by Thomas Couteur.

I also enjoyed his 'to guys who don't know nothin' the sea is just a line and some water. But for guys who know stuff- IT'S THE SEA, MAN!!!'

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Title: We'll Always Have Glenarian 43
Author: [ profile] philosophercat
Written for: [ profile] settiai
Characters: 6th Doctor, Tegan Jovanka
Rating: G.
Words: 1552
Summary: Reunited with an old friend, the Doctor tries his best to make a good impression.
Author's Note: Written for Summer Sixathon 2009. The prompt was: 'The misadventures of the Sixth Doctor and Tegan Jovanka in the aftermath of "A Fix With Sontarans."

From "A Fix with Sontarans" just to set the scene for what follows:

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I can't stop grinning at this.
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Actress!sister passed this on to me. It's been so long since I saw it last that I didn't even remember it!

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By way of [ profile] classics.

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I don't know if I should laugh or facepalm, really. The Doctor is the arbiter of fashion? At least she's honest in how biased she is:

"I'm going to be honest here: I hate this look. Hate it. And I'm going to be even more honest: I hate it largely because it is not worn by David Tennant, who I adored so much as Doctor Who that it is possible part of my admiration had less to do with his thespian (and style) skills, and a lot more to do with me having unprofessional feelings for him."

Alright then.

Also, his name isn't 'Doctor Who.' And David Tennant doesn't own the role, even if he licked it and danced around it a few times. How a character known for being an eccentric dresser (from eye-bleedingly bad to frumpy) could become branded as a fashion prophet is truly beyond me. ...The guy used to wear celery on his lapel. Is that what the cool kids were doing at the time?

Best comment on the article so far:

"Needs more question marks."


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so here's a Turkish parody of Star Trek:

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