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This is probably not going to happen. Here's the imdb page for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special:

I don't want to upset gentle readers who don't want to be spoiled, on the extremely low chances that this is actually going to happen but I have to, sort of... do this.


I am crying actual tears of mirth.


ETA: I mean, it's clearly a joke and all, but still. :P
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In The Beast Below, the computer checks the voter rolls and says Amy's age is 1306. Ha ha, cute time travel joke.

Except that she's in the 29th century and it ought to say she's 811 or thereabouts. It makes me think of that supposed flub where Rory's name tag from the hospital implies that he started working as a nurse in the ER when he was around one or two years old.

Odd, that. I have no idea what it means.

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This is Amy Pond's house.

This is the second floor hall of Amy Pond's house.

Why is there a third floor staircase?

I'm on to your little game, Moffat...



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Third register band from the top: Time Lords. Geometric period, Greece.

The Master holding T-C-E while having discussion with unidentified bearded man. Ancient Persia.

6th Doctor cameo misidentified as portrait of Alexander the Great. Hellenistic Era.

/Doctor Who silliness

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Just stopping in quickly before toiling in the kitchen dungeons. I expect to have a rough draft for a Doctor Who story finished by tonight. I need some beta readers, so if anyone would be interested in looking over a quite silly story with the 10th Doctor, please leave a comment. It will be around 1 000 words, if everything ties up neatly. I may not have a typed copy until tomorrow, but I'd still like to know if (and how many) people can take a look at it before it is posted.

It's called 'Last of the Time Lords' and it's a send up of many 10th Doctor tropes, but mostly being "The Last," following it to its natural conclusion (that someone would eventually set up a charity for the Doctor).

Iris Wildthyme is also in it.

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Title: ‘All His Beliefs’
Author: [ profile] philosophercat
Prompt:: After Tegan magically appears in 'A Fix with Sontarans', more and more past/future companions start to show up, despite the Doctor's best efforts to stop them. Whether it's crack like the original or serious is up to you.
Character/s: The Doctor (Sixth), Tegan Jovanka, various companions.
Rating: G.
Warning/s: None.
Recipient: Written for [ profile] aralias.
Word count: 634 words.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Author's notes: Written for Sixathon 2009. Pinch hit. This story wandered a little from the original prompt. The quote is adapted from a passage taken from Goth Opera by Paul Cornell. Special thanks to [ profile] metalkatt for the beta.

Read more... )
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Title: We'll Always Have Glenarian 43
Author: [ profile] philosophercat
Written for: [ profile] settiai
Characters: 6th Doctor, Tegan Jovanka
Rating: G.
Words: 1552
Summary: Reunited with an old friend, the Doctor tries his best to make a good impression.
Author's Note: Written for Summer Sixathon 2009. The prompt was: 'The misadventures of the Sixth Doctor and Tegan Jovanka in the aftermath of "A Fix With Sontarans."

From "A Fix with Sontarans" just to set the scene for what follows:

Read more... )
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Since I have recently finished Relative Chronologies, the end of the beginning of the 'Valeyard-tries-again' arc, I am moving on to... Alexandria. The winner of the poll. *claps* And so, to kick us off, I am borrowing a tactic from my pomo for my 5 and Peri crackepic, and have made a teaser:


Or maybe I'll just make silly teasers for all of my Fifth Doctor stories?

Yes, starring the 5th Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough in late Hellenistic Alexandria! Wooo! \o/ What fun this will be. It will be tricky. One of the main characters got torn to bits by an angry Christian mob in real life... But this is SO not historically accurate. You'll see when- or if- you read it. I will try not to get too crazy with details but I've already planned something that is about... a thousand years off in terms of chronology. Ah well! It will be FUNNY though. And making it funny is totally worth messing up early Renaissance history a little. It's only fan fiction. ^_^

If I could bring Catullus back from the dead so he could be Ovid's best friend, I can pull this one off. :P



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