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I had no idea he'd actually go so far as to crack the galaxy:

Thanks a lot, Moff, you broke the Milky Way. :(

Daily Galaxy’s picture of the day reveals the huge MacGuffin in space

For those of you following this year’s season of Doctor Who, this picture of the day makes for some rather disturbing viewing. It appears that the constellation Sagittarius is featuring a huge stellar bit of graffiti.

And it looks rather like the crack in the Universe that’s been following Matt Smith and Karen Gillan around this year’s story.

So what is this crack? it’s “the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems and may be harboring beastly stars in the process of forming.”

That’s ominous – a star devouring gap in the middle of the night sky… someone better call for The Doctor!

*hides under bed*

I laughed because other fans have found a giant eyeball statue that went up suddenly in Chicago. That including this is causing a lot of flaily good times, I can tell you.

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And the mystery, my friends, is solved:

Philosopherkitty: Wait... what if Rory and Amy are ducks?
Philosopherkitty: Ducks from space?!
platy121: O_O
platy121: OH MY GOD
platy121: I think you've cracked it!
platy121: "Why aren't there any ducks?" Because they were TURNED INTO PEOPLE.
Philosopherkitty: Do your ducks exhibit dificulty emoting with their eyes, Carrie?
platy121: they do. They really do.
Philosopherkitty: ... ...Oh my god.
platy121: And Rory's pronounced nose? IT SHOULD BE A BILL.
Philosopherkitty: I cannot deny that this makes perfect sense to me.
platy121: next season is going to be a doozy.
platy121: Eleven and two ducks in the TARDIS.
Philosopherkitty: \o/
platy121: it'll be like Doctor Who meets Babe.
Philosopherkitty: I approve of this
Philosopherkitty: Especially since it's the basic set up for Crackovalva, only with ducks instead of a sheep, and 11 instead of 5.
platy121: hehehehe
Philosopherkitty: I would love to see that happen, though.
platy121: meeeeeee too
Philosopherkitty: Everyone in England: ...*stare at TV in shock*
Us: YES!
Philosopherkitty: Rory: ...So... wait. I'm... a duck?
11: Yes, a duck. A duck from space.
Rory: ...O...kay.
platy121: heheheheheheee
Philosopherkitty: Amy: There is NO WAY I'm a duck, Doctor.
11: Pond?
Amy: It's a coincidence! >_<
11: Never ignore a coincidence, Amy.
platy121: 11: I've noticed how much you enjoy eating the toast crumbs off your plate at breakfast.
Philosopherkitty: LOL
Philosopherkitty: I think Rory seems to have a sort of runner duck-like posture at times
Philosopherkitty: pitched forward a little
platy121: he seriously does!
platy121: heeeeeheheheheee
platy121: I dunno if Amy's a duck, though
platy121: she may be a goose
Philosopherkitty: a goose pond?
platy121: geese can swim; why not?
Philosopherkitty: true
platy121: or maybe they're both runners
platy121: although actually, the taller one looks more like Eleven
Philosopherkitty: yes, I think it's that ageless and forever look in its eye
platy121: like fire and ice and rage
Philosopherkitty: Quite so.
platy121: they could even dress them up!
platy121: the Amyduck could wear a flattering miniskirt and a little red scarf
platy121: I think that may be Rory and Amy right there
Philosopherkitty: those ducks are in TARDIS blue!
Philosopherkitty: the perfect disguise.
Philosopherkitty: They even believe their own cover story!
platy121: And here is a goose that does an excellent impression of Amy being surprised!
platy121: it's in the eyes *sage nod*
Philosopherkitty: LOL
Philosopherkitty: it does!
platy121: it's settled
platy121: Amy is a goose.
platy121: Rory is a runner duck
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Title: ‘The Queen Must Die’
Author: [ profile] philosophercat
Prompt: Six with Tegan, no romance, adventure. They both have strong personalities; some headbutting and lots of banter.
Character/s: The Doctor (Sixth), Tegan Jovanka.
Rating: G.
Warning/s: A significant source of dietary crack.
Recipient: Written for [ profile] metalkatt.
Word count: 2185 words.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Author's notes: Written for 2009 Summer of Six Sixathon. This is a pinch hit, written rather quickly so I expect that there will be substantial revisions once the following chapters are complete. I also borrowed part of prompt #3 which was: understanding that values are not the same across all cultures. The truly crack elements will appear in the following chapters.

Summary: The TARDIS decides that her pilot has something to learn. She takes the 6th Doctor and Tegan to a planet unfamiliar to both where they find themselves embroiled in an intrigue.

Read more... )
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I can't stop grinning at this.
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I don't know if I should laugh or facepalm, really. The Doctor is the arbiter of fashion? At least she's honest in how biased she is:

"I'm going to be honest here: I hate this look. Hate it. And I'm going to be even more honest: I hate it largely because it is not worn by David Tennant, who I adored so much as Doctor Who that it is possible part of my admiration had less to do with his thespian (and style) skills, and a lot more to do with me having unprofessional feelings for him."

Alright then.

Also, his name isn't 'Doctor Who.' And David Tennant doesn't own the role, even if he licked it and danced around it a few times. How a character known for being an eccentric dresser (from eye-bleedingly bad to frumpy) could become branded as a fashion prophet is truly beyond me. ...The guy used to wear celery on his lapel. Is that what the cool kids were doing at the time?

Best comment on the article so far:

"Needs more question marks."



Dear me...

Dec. 23rd, 2008 06:47 pm
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3 days until 'The Next Doctor!' *snoopy dances*


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