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I've mentioned History Bites before- long ago. sent me some episodes, and I've been screening them to see which/what bits I could use in a lesson. It's a Canadian show that asks the question 'what if television had been around for the last 5 000 years?' The result is pretty funny. I just watched 'Dead Philosopher Walking' which is their episode about Socrates (although my favourite episode is still the one about ancient Greek music, with "the Greekles"). On Martha Stewart, we learn about how to do nothing and watch your slaves work, Crazy Cronos' Weapons Warehouse promises to "make you one hip hoplite, OH YEAAAAAAAAH!!!"
And Plato, Socrates' press secretary is interviewed for the Athenian News Network:

Apollo Lunarlanding: Plato, the charge was impiety and corrupting the youth. Was death too harsh a sentence?
Plato: Well, Apollo, I think you're asking the wrong question. What Soc' did was no corruption, it was disruption. It wasn't impiety, it was changing society. Wouldn't keep quiet, he was making folks rioty. This isn't rhetorics, this is politics.
Apollo Lunarlanding: You think, then, that this was a political execution?
Plato: No doubt. Socrates, he stood up and spoke out against the Man, against the Power, against the government. But no one's gonna listen because we're Attic- we're static, and supposedly democratic, but I don't see no slaves voting at the ecclesiastic.
Apollo Lunarlanding: Now Socrates' accusers claim that Socrates was sympathetic to the Persian-backed group that siezed Athens a few years back and point out that Socrates was the teacher of Critius, one of the 30 coup leaders.
Plato: And what happened to the other 29? Don't see anyone executing those teachers, do you? Those professors got a soft lot from sophistry. They're pedagogues with better jobs.
Apollo Lunarlanding: Do you think, then, that these charges were trumphed up or fabricated?
Plato: Those arguments have so many holes you could use them as fishing nets. This verdict is the ruling class being crude and crass. They answered the power of reason with a shower of poison! His ideas got him in a headlock, now he's getting the hemlock!
Apollo Lunarlanding: Thank you Plato, we may continue our dialog later...

ETA: Oh, and this is a cap I made from 'Castrovalva' because it makes me think of the 5th Doctor mistaking [ profile] metalkatt's candied ginger for something with a less intoxicating effect on the time lord metabolism. Ie, this is 5 tripping out. ^_^



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