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And the mystery, my friends, is solved:

Philosopherkitty: Wait... what if Rory and Amy are ducks?
Philosopherkitty: Ducks from space?!
platy121: O_O
platy121: OH MY GOD
platy121: I think you've cracked it!
platy121: "Why aren't there any ducks?" Because they were TURNED INTO PEOPLE.
Philosopherkitty: Do your ducks exhibit dificulty emoting with their eyes, Carrie?
platy121: they do. They really do.
Philosopherkitty: ... ...Oh my god.
platy121: And Rory's pronounced nose? IT SHOULD BE A BILL.
Philosopherkitty: I cannot deny that this makes perfect sense to me.
platy121: next season is going to be a doozy.
platy121: Eleven and two ducks in the TARDIS.
Philosopherkitty: \o/
platy121: it'll be like Doctor Who meets Babe.
Philosopherkitty: I approve of this
Philosopherkitty: Especially since it's the basic set up for Crackovalva, only with ducks instead of a sheep, and 11 instead of 5.
platy121: hehehehe
Philosopherkitty: I would love to see that happen, though.
platy121: meeeeeee too
Philosopherkitty: Everyone in England: ...*stare at TV in shock*
Us: YES!
Philosopherkitty: Rory: ...So... wait. I'm... a duck?
11: Yes, a duck. A duck from space.
Rory: ...O...kay.
platy121: heheheheheheee
Philosopherkitty: Amy: There is NO WAY I'm a duck, Doctor.
11: Pond?
Amy: It's a coincidence! >_<
11: Never ignore a coincidence, Amy.
platy121: 11: I've noticed how much you enjoy eating the toast crumbs off your plate at breakfast.
Philosopherkitty: LOL
Philosopherkitty: I think Rory seems to have a sort of runner duck-like posture at times
Philosopherkitty: pitched forward a little
platy121: he seriously does!
platy121: heeeeeheheheheee
platy121: I dunno if Amy's a duck, though
platy121: she may be a goose
Philosopherkitty: a goose pond?
platy121: geese can swim; why not?
Philosopherkitty: true
platy121: or maybe they're both runners
platy121: although actually, the taller one looks more like Eleven
Philosopherkitty: yes, I think it's that ageless and forever look in its eye
platy121: like fire and ice and rage
Philosopherkitty: Quite so.
platy121: they could even dress them up!
platy121: the Amyduck could wear a flattering miniskirt and a little red scarf
platy121: I think that may be Rory and Amy right there
Philosopherkitty: those ducks are in TARDIS blue!
Philosopherkitty: the perfect disguise.
Philosopherkitty: They even believe their own cover story!
platy121: And here is a goose that does an excellent impression of Amy being surprised!
platy121: it's in the eyes *sage nod*
Philosopherkitty: LOL
Philosopherkitty: it does!
platy121: it's settled
platy121: Amy is a goose.
platy121: Rory is a runner duck
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